The "adoption fee" for each of the Baseboard Mice is just $35.00.

Each mouse is an original oil painting on birch wood and comes packaged with their name and story.
The mouse holes are about 3" high and 3" wide.

Please visit the How To Adopt A Mouse page for more information.


Wilbur - a Baseboard Mouse





Wilbur is happy to meet you!

Wilbur is a "Yooper". That's what inhabitants of Michigan's Upper Peninsula call themselves. Wilbur is particularly fond of pasties. And snow. And making snowmice.



Tessa - a Baseboard Mouse from A Mouse in the House - Baseboard Mice





This is Tessa.

Tessa loves to nibble on cheese scones, especially if they are spiked with jalapeno peppers. Her favorites are made by Susan of Maples in Micaville, NC.



Tyler - A Mouse in the House - Baseboard Mice





Meet Tyler.

Tyler is a writer and a true romantic.  He writes love stories and the occasional mystery (always including a love story, of course).   


Phoebe - A Mouse In the House - Baseboard Mice





Introducing Phoebe.

Phoebe comes from Louisville, Kentucky and adores horses.  She loves telling about the night she spent with American Pharaoh before he won the Kentucky Derby.  She says he was a perfect gentleman. 







Meet Maize.

Maize (may-zee) loves watching The Great British Baking Show and dreams of becoming a baker herself one day.  Her cheese biscuits are quite famous among the other Baseboard Mice.



Mia - Baseboard Mouse





This is Mia.

Mia has a secret life as a spy.  
She isn't allowed to speak about it.  But she will tell you that she loves rappelling off tall buildings.





Milo - a Baseboard Mouse from A Mouse In the House





Meet Milo.....

Milo is very curious.  He questions everyone he meets.  What is your favorite cheese?  White or yellow? Sharp or mellow?



Bailey - A Mouse in the House - Baseboard Mice





Introducing Bailey.

Bailey has a fondness for Irish Cream.  Her fondness for desserts and her talent for baking led her to create her very own Bailey's Cheesecake.  Ask nicely and she might share her recipe.


The mice below have all been adopted. If you see one you are particularly fond of and just can't live without,
be sure to let Susan know and she will be happy to paint another for you.

Luca - A Mouse in the House - Baseboard Mice





And this is Luca.... and..... Luca and his ukulele have found a home!!!

Luca plays the ukulele. He keeps a tiny ukulele nearby at all times and practices every day.  Someday he hopes to appear on America's Got Talent.  




Rosa - a Baseboard Mouse





WooHoo!!! Rosa found a home!!

Rosa is a Santa Rosa beach mouse. She comes, of course, from Santa Rosa beach in Florida. The dunes there are her favorite place to spend an afternoon, listening to the Gulf waves.



Stella - abaseboard mouse





Stella has been adopted!!!
She is doing a happy dance!!

Stella has a fondness for country music and barbecue.  She comes from "Music City" Nashville where she enjoys Saturday nights at the Grand Ole Opry.



DaVinci - Baseboard Mouse





DaVinci is Happy Dancing!!
He's found a home!

DaVinci is a painter, of course. His paintings are realistic renditions of blocks of cheese. He finds Swiss cheese the most challenging to paint - the holes are difficult!



Jeremiah - A Mouse In The House - Baseboard Mice





Jeremiah is dancin' to the reggae beat!!
He has just been adopted!!

Jeremiah comes from the island of Jamaica.  He is particularly fond of steel drums and enjoys sipping a Red Stripe at a beach bar listening to reggae.


Riley - A Mouse in the House - Baseboard Mice





Happy Dance!!! This is Riley and he found a home!

Riley was recently seen in the Florida Everglades riding on the back of an alligator. He comes from a family of daredevils.



Clover - A Mouse in the House - Baseboard Mice





Good News!! Clover has been adopted!!

Clover is as sweet as the promise of spring after a long winter.  Cinnamon and sugar on toast is her favorite snack. Listen carefully, you might hear her singing sweet little songs.



Kip - A Mouse In the House - Baseboard Mice





Yay!!!! Kip was adopted!!

Kip is a rodeo mouse. Originally from Texas, he spends a lot of time on the road traveling with the rodeo.  He has a job as a rodeo clown that he takes very seriously.  If he occasionally disappears, he promises to be back soon.




Daisy - A Mouse in the House - Baseboard Mice





HooRay!!! Daisy has been adopted!!

Daisy is a bit of a comedienne. She adores Paula Poundstone and likes to think she can be just as funny as Paula is. Listen carefully and you just might hear Daisy tell her favorite jokes. 


Fiona - A Mouse in the House - Baseboard Mice





Fiona is dancing a jig - she has been adopted!!

Fiona comes all the way from Ireland.  She learned to play the tin whistle from a family of Leprechauns known for their musical talent and wild music sessions. She promises to play quietly in her new home.



Peabody - from A Mouse in the House - Baseboard Mice





This is Peabody and he is one happy mouse!!

He was adopted!!

Peabody loves libraries. His favorite section is the Children's Area. He loves the book illustrations he finds in the books there. And he avoids all stories about cats.



Sebastian - A Mouse in the House - Baseboard Mice





WooHoo!!! Sebastian has been adopted.

Sebastian is a thrill seeker.  He was recently spotted on each and every roller coaster at Cedar Point in Ohio.  His favorite food is pizza, of course!




Molly - a Baseboard Mouse from A Mouse in the House Baseboard Mice





Molly's dreams have been fulfilled!! She's found a home.

Molly is a dreamer.  She dreams of far off tropical islands with white sand beaches.  Occasionally her dreams include a drinks with a parasol served by a handsome mouse waiter.  


Gulliver - A Mouse In The House - Baseboard Mice





WooHoo!!! Gulliver was adopted!!

This handsome mouse is Gulliver.

Gulliver loves to travel.  Being a mouse, he is a bit limited, but finds hitching a ride with a human traveler to be a good way to get around.  


Marigold -  A Mouse in the House - Baseboard Mice





Marigold is delighted!!! She has been adopted!

Marigold loves gardens. She has visited many beautiful gardens, including Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. Like the flower she was named for, Marigold has a bright, friendly personality.


Banjo - A Mouse in the House - Baseboard Mice





Banjo has been adopted!!!

Banjo earned his name because he plays a mean banjo. He is a huge fan of Earl Scruggs. Banjo has been working hard to learn "Foggy Mountain Breakdown". Listen carefully, you might hear him practicing.



Jackson - a Baseboard Mouse from A Mouse in the House - Baseboard Mice





Jackson found a home!!

Jackson is a chef in a very famous mouse restaurant. His signature dish is cheese and macaroni. Notice that "cheese" is before "macaroni"!



Fitz - A Baseboard Mouse from A Mouse In The House Baseboard Mice





WooHoo!!! Fitz has been adopted!

Fitz comes from the mountains of North Carolina and family of moonshiners.  He was friends with Popcorn Sutton and plays the mandolin like no other mouse. 


Sage - A Mouse In the House - Baseboard Mice





WooHoo!!! Sage found a home!

Sage, although young, is very wise.  She enjoys frequenting tea rooms and offering advice over a cup of herbal tea.




Hazel - a baseboard mouse





Yay!!!! Hazel found a home..

Hazel is a weaver.  She collects pieces of yarn and string and weaves them together into useful things.  Scarfs and blankets and tail warmers are her favorite items to make.    




A Mouse In the House - Baseboard Mouse "Lily"





Lily found a home! She is now wearing a big smile!

Lily enjoys sunny afternoons and
romance novels, lemonade and porch swings.
The smell of fresh flowers makes her smile.





Ruby - original oil painting by susan garriques





Ruby has been adopted! Woohoo!

Ruby comes by way of Sedona.  She loves the red rocks there.  They match her fur so well! Ruby is a painter and loves painting tiny portraits of her mouse friends posed in front of the red rocks.  




Daniel - a baseboard mouse by susan garriques





Daniel has been Adopted!!!

He was last seen doing a happy dance!

Daniel has watched every episode of Columbo at least 3 times.  His fellow mice run to him first when a crime needs to be solved.  If you have a crime that needs solving, Daniel is your mouse! 




Albert - Baseboard Mice series by susan garriques





WooHoo!!! Albert was Adopted!!

Albert comes from San Francisco.  He loves riding on the cable cars and visiting Fisherman's Wharf.  He also enjoys visiting the parrots of Telegraph Hill. 




Cobi - Baseboard Mice - original oil paintings by susan garriques





Good News!! Cobi has a home.

Cobi loves Latin music and is a super salsa dancer.  He is also an excellent singer and will happy to serenade you.





Sira - A Mouse in the House - Baseboard Mouse





Yay!!! Sira found a home!!

Sira is a story teller.  She tells stories that have been passed down through generations of mice.  Her favorites are mysteries and those with brave heroines.  





Baseboard Mouse Rory





Rory has been Adopted!!

Rory is a gentle soul. He loves to read long novels while sipping tea. His favorite book is Alice in Wonderland.




Ella Rose - a Baseboard Mouse

Ella Rose




Good News!! Ella Rose found a home.

Ella Rose is a Southern Belle. She loves sweet tea on the porch on summer afternoons. And is particularly fond of cheese straws. And... she very sweetly shared her recipe on the mouse blog. Click here to read it.





Noah - A Mouse In The House Baseboard Mice





Noah found a home!! He is delighted!

is from Nantucket.

He enjoyed life on the island, especially
watching sailboats sailing by. Clambakes on
the beach were fun, too.


Baseboard Mice - Pippa





Pippa found a home!!!

This is little one is called Pippa.

Pippa is a very curious mouse,
which sometimes gets her into trouble.
She loves baked goods, especially eclairs,
and dreams of someday becoming a baker.





Jagger - a Baseboard Mouse


Jagger had been adopted!!!

(last seen doing a happy dance!)



This is handsome fellow is called Jagger.

Jagger comes from Asheville, NC
and enjoys life along the French Broad River.
 He keeps a tiny kayak for river adventures.





Lexie - A Mouse In The House - Baseboard Mice Series





Good News!!! Lexie was Adopted!!

Lexie comes from the Pacific Northwest.

She tells stories of the Quileute Indian Tribe's drumming circles in La Push. She even keeps a tiny drum close by.




Nicholas - Baseboard Mice





Nicholas has been adopted!! WooHoo!!

Nicholas is from the Wild West and dreams of cowboys and campfires.

One of his favorite snacks is Cowboy Caviar. Ask nicely, he might share his recipe.




Olivia - A Mouse In The House Baseboard Mice




Olivia has been adopted!!

Olivia is an island mouse from the Florida Keys.

She likes to say she comes from Margaritaville and is often heard singing Jimmy Buffett songs.



Baseboard Mice - Madeline




Good News!!!

Madeline has been adopted!!


Madeline is a mouse from the coast of Maine.  She is particularly fond of mussels.

 And she loves the sound of the sea against the rocky coast.




A Mouse In the House - Baseboard Mice





Yay!!! Sammy has been adopted!!


Sammy is a rather shy fellow. He is very sweet, though, and has a bit of a sweet tooth. You might find that a bit of candy now and then will encourage his friendliness.






Good News!!

Goldie has been adopted!!



This sweet girl goes by the name of Goldie. Her unusual golden coat makes her stand out in the crowd. She comes from the sunny southwest and enjoys listening to country music.







Good News!!

James has been adopted!!


This handsome fellow is called James. And James loves the blues. There's a tiny harmonica in his front paws. Listen carefully and you might just get to hear him play.








Annabelle has been adopted!


Annabelle is a true Southern mouse. She comes from the Low Country and adores she-crab soup. If you ask nicely, she might give you the recipe.







Good News!!

Bubba has been adopted!!


Bubba is a mouse from the mountains of North Carolina. He loves to listen to bluegrass music. And he secretly wishes he could play the fiddle.